About Us

Fitoori is a one of-a-kind initiative to create ‘choice’ in the accessories marketplace. Our journey is about achieving the best buyer-satisfaction , and that comes through delivering our products in the most desirable form. Because we believe art is subjective.We yearn to design and create beautiful and fun products everyday and tweak it till it’s an impeccable piece that’s worth buying. What’s more?.... We bring to you a convenient, fun and powerful interface on our website so you can create your own masterpiece.With our best foot forward we hope to expand and improve our craft at every step and make customers keep coming back for something more , something new.


Meet Our Team

CoFounder & Designer

Rezina Ershath

Web Designer & Developer

Zulaikha & Jasmine


Shameer Sirajuddin

Creative Advisor

Subhan M Ali

Hand crafted with love

Skin friendly Nickel-free products

Easy and fun customizing